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June 1 - 5 

"The Four Shorts...LGBTQQIA in Politics" 

Wednesday - Saturday @ 8 PM, Sunday @ 2 PM

A Point of Diminishing Returns
by Cory Skurdal
Directed by Jack Petersen  
Featuring: Kent Halloran as Hayes III, Christopher Storer as Tommy and Eryn Reynolds as Sheila 
Ulysses McKinley Rutherford Harding Garfield Hayes III, a venerable but clueless Ohio politician, is hot on the campaign trail, and busily shaking hands, kissing babies, and seeking votes. Unfortunately, for this particular stump speech, Ulysses has chosen the wrong venue and the wrong audience. And when Ulysses decides to abandon his prepared remarks and speak from his heart, he and the event have nowhere to go but down.

Alexander the Great in Love and War by Amy Drake 
Directed by Mark Phillips Schwamberger
Featuring: David Vargo as Aristotle / Ammon, Christopher Storer as Alexander, Nick Hardin as Hephaestion, Scott Risner as Perdiccas, Kent Halloran as Parmenion and Eryn Reynolds as Sisygambis / Roxane

While studying philosophy with Aristotle, Alexander meets Hephaestion, who becomes his life partner, traveling companion, and comrade-in-arms. Together they face adversaries on and off the battlefield. Eventually Alexander must take a bride, or two, to expand his empire. ....as his life flashes before him on his death bed.

Vetted by Sheldon Gleisser
Directed by Kristina Kopf
Featuring: Jim Azelvandre as Amato, Todd Covert as Gatton and Scott Risner as Highland  

Sitting Vice President Tobias Gatton, having barely won his party's nomination, is vetting his own Vice Presidential choices with campaign manager Cyril Amato.  When something is found in the past of Gatton's first choice, Congressman Gregory Highland, it's a clash of style and substance, reputation and truth, right and wrong.

Shall I Run Again by Jack Petersen
Directed by Jack Petersen
Featuring:  David Vargo as Mister President and Frank Barnhart as Charlie

Haunted by ghosts from his past, the President of the United States agonizes over his decision to run for re-election.

June 8 - 12

Sticks & Stones by Cory Skurdal
winner of the 2014 GCAC / CATCO Playwrights Fellowship Award 

Wednesday - Saturday @ 8 PM, Sunday @ 2 PM

Directed by Joe Bishara
Featuring: Josie Merkle as Janice, Priyanka Shetty as Kendall Grey, Frank Barnhart as Dana Gordon, Tom Holliday as Judge/Terry/Kyle's father, Rachel Blenker as Kyle's mother/mother of victim, Christopher Moore Griffin as Janice's father/others, Kim Garrison Hopcraft as Susan/Janice's mother and Staley Jophiel Munroe as Kyle.

Janice, an older arts critic, writes an unfavorable review of the works of Kyle, a young transgender artist. Kyle responds with a blog post outing Jane as a closeted lesbian; she threatens to sue for defamation. In conversations with their attorneys, and with ghosts from their pasts and each other, Janice and Kyle battle age barriers, gender, culture and politics as they seek to comprehend each other and their very different lives and identities.

July 14 - 23

July 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23 @ 8 PM,
July 17 @ 2 PM 

Directed by Bryan Adam
Musical Director; Bryan Babcock
Featuring Gina Handy as Ethel Merman, Nick Hardin as Elder Shumway and Theodore Johnpaul Adams as Elder Braithwaite
An outrageous musical comedy that combines musical theater's current "Mormon-mania" and everyone's love of the Queen of the Musicals herself, Ethel Merman. 
Mormon missionaries, Aaron and Jacob, on a two-year stint to convert more Latter Day Saints, ring a buzzer that says, “E.M. Welcome.” It doesn’t mean “Every Mormon Welcome” as the hopeful proselytizers imagine. The owner’s name ain’t “Welcome” either. It is the sacred bungalow of Ethel Merman, who didn’t die after all in 1984 but lives on.  This meeting of squeaky-clean, fresh-faced, sexually-stunted Utah goody goodies with the brassy, bumptious, leather-lunged Queen of musical theatre not only proves that opposites don’t just attract, they put on a show.  Haunted by a dream not unlike the one in Gypsy, Aaron is a frustrated Broadway camp follower, gaga over seeing his idol. Ripe for Times Square corruption, stage-struck Aaron keeps La Merman’s autobiography in his backpack. Resisting the urge to belt out ballads, demurer Jacob can’t immediately bring himself to desert the cause of Brigham Young, though his repressed longings for Aaron demand a different destiny.  It is up to earth-mother Ethel to teach them that the goddess is not godless and that destiny wins. 

August 4 - 13

August 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 @ 8 PM,
August 7 @ 2 PM

Directed by Greg Smith
Featuring: Kathy Sturm as Catherine, Matthew Sierra as Edison, Mark Phillips Schwamberger as Oscar, Pam Welch Huggins as Maia, James Harper as Robert and Christopher Storer as Arthur.

The story of Edison, a young man with leukemia and Robert, an older HIV+ man.  Toss in an aging stage star, an eccentric medium, an old-school queen, a ghost, and you get a funny, thought-provoking, unconventional love story. Edison is a handsome young man with leukemia who can only get insurance to cover his chemo if he's HIV+. Robert is an older man, HIV+, and a self-proclaimed "sex pig" trying to change his life. Each has what the other wants. But what will they do to get it? The comedy is a wonderful new work that blends realism with other-worldly fantasy in a script that’s fresh, smart and laced with inside-theater references.   POZ has some supremely likeable characters.  The script alternates its humor between a warm glow and sharp, laser-like bursts finding the most unlikely path, constantly surprising with the off-ramps, each of them shockingly funny and breathtakingly beautiful. It's funny, it's tender, and it rings with truth.  It is a love story with people we care about. If there's such a thing as farce with a heart, then POZ is it. 

September 15- 24

September 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24 @ 8 PM, September 18 @ 2 PM.

Based on a real event, Looped takes place in the summer of 1965, when an inebriated Tallulah Bankhead needed eight hours to redub - or loop - one line of dialogue for her last movie, Die! Die! My Darling!  Though Bankhead's outsized personality dominates the play, the sub-story involves her battle of wills with a film editor named Danny Miller, who has been selected to work that particular sound editing session. It’s the last day of post-production on Die! Die! My Darling, one of those schlocky gothic thrillers that allowed former grande dames and sex goddesses of the screen to scrape a living in their later years, or simply pass the time before the cameras until the ultimate final cut. A single line of dialogue requires looping — re-recording to match the film — but Tallulah cannot manage to speak the requisite syllables in the proper order.  As she stalls and stutters, expressing infinite scorn for the tedious process, she perfumes the stale air of the studio with snappy one-liners on her favorite subjects, namely her own eccentric behavior and uneven career, and the consoling seductions of booze, drugs, cigarettes and sex.  Her audience consists of a beleaguered film editor, Danny who has been corralled into supervising the session because the director skipped town, and a studio technician, who watches from a booth above the studio as Tallulah toys with poor Danny like a haughty, grizzled feline batting around a hapless mouse.  

October 13 - 22

Performances October 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22 @ 8 PM, October 16 @ 2 PM

A poignant and compelling musical revue by two-time Tony Award winner William Finn, creator of the groundbreaking musical
Falsettos and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and conceived by Rob Ruggiero.  Finn, whose work doesn't sound like any other composer's, is spotlighted in a fresh showcase of  quirky, ruminative, agitated songs that fit right into the neurotic energy of the city.  Songs from Finn's Falsettos, A New Brain, The Royal Family of Broadway, Elegies: A Song Cycle and more are heard in the six-actor, one-pianist revue.  The musical tells personal, haunting, and often hilarious tales from Finn's rich and touching human songbook

November 10 -19

Performances November 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19 @ 8 PM, November 13 @ 2 PM

The story of 17-year-old Cal and his quest to prove the secret sexual history of Gaybraham Lincoln.  Along the way there is convincing evidence, time travel, a road trip to the nation’s capital, budding high-school romance, a crazy Mary Todd, and sex in a stove-pipe hat.  The past and present collide in this time-hopping, pop music-Michael Jackson -infused quest as Cal sets out to uncover the colorful truth about his favorite president. It is a clever, touching and unapologetically gay comedy about history, truth and what it means to be a hero…then and now. 
Cal wants to stir stuff up as much as he can: He embarks on a crusade to prove that Lincoln–a national role model, portrait on our greenbacks, and his personal hero–was homosexual, with at least two undocumented lovers.  A lavender legacy.  Cal’s private demons clearly fuel his urge for historical revisionism. His assumption that somehow it’s more right to be gay if famous mentors once were remains unquestioned until the play’s shocking finale.  


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