Auditions for our 2019 Season

ALL TIME SLOTS ARE FULL. We are accepting video submissions.  Please email video or link to with interested show and/or role.  Thank You! 


Saturday February 16, 2019 12 – 4 PM
Sunday February 17, 2019 11 AM – 2 PM
Monday February 18, 2019 6 – 9 PM Callbacks with dance auditions


Columbus Performing Arts Center

549 Franklin Ave.

Columbus, OH 43215


Please prepare a 1 to 2 minute modern monologue (non-classical )
If singing, please prepare 16 bars of an up-tune or ballad.
Please bring a current picture and resume.
Equity and non-equity.  All roles are paid.  Must be at least 18 years of age.  ALL individuals are welcome and encouraged to audition, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or identification.   Roles for male and female 18 – 60.

Shows and roles:

The Vulture by Mark A. Ridge
A modern, comedic, gay spin on the haunted house / mystery genre.
TALBOT: A dark, severe, androgynous being. (already cast)
CROSBY: A friendly lawyer 50’s or 60’s
HARRISON BLYTHE:  A tall, handsome male model with an amazing body 30’s to 40’s
MARY ROBERTS: A stately, well dressed, bitter old woman 50 to 70 (already cast)
ASHLEY HOPWOOD:  A young, perky, girl from the South 20’s
CHARLES WILLARD: A charming, mild mannered realtor 30’s to 40’s (already cast)
PAUL JONES: A sweet, gentle accountant 20’s to 30’s
HUNTER WEST: A nice, charming male hairdresser 20’s to 30’s (already cast)
RINEHART: A hospital guard 30’s to 40’s
DR. AVERY: A friendly, small town doctor 60’s to 70’s (already cast)

The View UpStairs Book, music and lyrics by Max Vernon
An exhilarating journey of self-exploration that spans two generations of gay history.
WES: Up-and-coming fashion designer 20’s
PATRICK: Young, runaway hustler 20’s
BUDDY: Resident pianist, Elton John coulda-been 50’s must be able to play piano
WILLIE: Black, might know all the secrets 40’s to 60’s
HENRI: Bartender, tough as nails, old-school butch lesbian 30’s to 40’s
FREDDY: Latino, construction worker by day, drag queen by night 20’s to 30’s
INEZ / REALTOR: Latino, Freddy’s mother and makeup consultant. Typical realtor. 50’s to 60’s
RICHARD: Priest of the Metropolitan Community Church 40’s
DALE: Hustler, homeless, hungry for acceptance 30’s to 40’s
COP: (play two characters) Seventies Cop-corrupt, homophobic; Present day Cop-doing his job but with nice dad vibes 30’s to 40’s

Who Killed Joan Crawford? by Michael Leeds
Five “Joans” begin drinking, dishing, dark secrets emerge and soon one less Joan, then another, then…
GENE HARLOW: Independently wealthy, used to getting what he wants 60’s
HARVEY GOLDBERG: Press Agent, a bit jaded, used to taking charge 50’s
STEWART FRY: Therapist, notices things others may not 40’s to 50’s
LEO LAWRENCE: Composer, theatrical and self-involved 50’s (already cast)
DAVID HOCH: good-looking, and a bit of a schemer  early 20’s (already cast)

CABARET Book by Joe Masteroff, Music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb
The bawdy, tumultuous life of Berlin’s natives and expatriates are explored as Germany slowly yields to the Third Reich
All roles are open except for:
The MC, Sally Bolles , Cliff and Fraulein Schneider

The Turkey Men by Douglas Whaley
Two lovable ghosts help a young lesbian escape a pray-away-the-gay  planned therapy .
ALEXANDER SMALL:  A Ghost, a man from Ohio 30’s to 40’s
WEBSTER RANDOLPH CARTER III: A Ghost, a light Southern accent 30’s to 40’s (already cast)
LOGAN HENDRICKS:  A 16 year old lesbian
BETHANY FROST: Female member of the pray-away-the-gay movement 40’s to 50’s
MICAH JANSON: Male member of the pray-away-the-gay movement 40’s to 50’s (already cast)

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