June 1 – 5
Four One-Acts
Wednesday – Saturday @ 8 PM, Sunday @ 2 PM

A Point of Diminishing Returns by Cory Skurdal
Directed by Jack Petersen
Ulysses McKinley Rutherford Harding Garfield Hayes III, a venerable but clueless Ohio politician, is hot on the campaign trail, and busily shaking hands, kissing babies, and seeking votes. Unfortunately, for this particular stump speech, Ulysses has chosen the wrong venue and the wrong audience. And when Ulysses decides to abandon his prepared remarks and speak from his heart, he and the event have nowhere to go but down.

Alexander the Great in Love and War by Amy Drake
Directed by Mark Phillips Schwamberger

While studying philosophy with Aristotle, Alexander meets Hephaestion, who becomes his life partner, traveling companion, and comrade-in-arms. Together they face adversaries on and off the battlefield. Eventually Alexander must take a bride, or two, to expand his empire. Will Alexander and Hephaestion be able to maintain their bond when the royal household takes a Queen? What will the Oracle say? Come and find out how Alexander balances conscience with conduct.

Vetted by Sheldon Gleisser
Directed by Kristina Kopf

Sitting Vice President Tobias Gatton, having barely won his party’s nomination, is vetting his own Vice Presidential choices with campaign manager Cyril Amato.  When something is found in the past of Gatton’s first choice, Congressman Gregory Highland, it’s a clash of style and substance, reputation and truth, right and wrong.

Shall I Run Again by Jack Petersen
Directed by Jack Petersen

Haunted by ghosts from his past, the President of the United States agonizes over his decision to run for re-election.