The Story of Edison

The story of Edison, a young man with leukemia and Robert, an older HIV+ man.  Toss in an aging stage star, an eccentric medium, an old-school queen, a ghost, and you get a funny, thought-provoking, unconventional love story. Edison is a handsome young man with leukemia who can only get insurance to cover his chemo if he’s HIV+. Robert is an older man, HIV+, and a self-proclaimed “sex pig” trying to change his life. Each has what the other wants. But what will they do to get it? The comedy is a wonderful new work that blends realism with other-worldly fantasy in a script that’s fresh, smart and laced with inside-theater references.   POZ has some supremely likeable characters.  The script alternates its humor between a warm glow and sharp, laser-like bursts finding the most unlikely path, constantly surprising with the off-ramps, each of them shockingly funny and breathtakingly beautiful. It’s funny, it’s tender, and it rings with truth.  It is a love story with people we care about. If there’s such a thing as farce with a heart, then POZ is it.

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